Joe brings 35 years of full time student ministry to the table as he mentors leaders in how to see their God given gifts and use them to the potential in which God has designed them to be. He has the  ability to communicate the gospel to today‚Äôs culture in a humorous, powerful and life changing way. Though his heart is for the present student culture his passion is for the fatherless and seeing them walk in their healing as they connect to their heavenly Father.


Joe and his wife Jill presently speak, write books and mentor millennials on how to walk out their faith in the church and the marketplace.  Joe and Jill live in Texas where they enjoy their dogs, photography, being creative and travel.

What We Believe


*Jesus Christ is the son of God, the ONLY way to heaven and the ONLY way to the Father.

* Jesus died on a cross so that ALL could have eternal life.

*His blood was  shed for the washing away of our sins.

*Through His broken body we are healed. *Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us.

*The Holy Spirit is our counselor and walks with us on earth.

*We are to be baptized by fire and baptized by submersion in water.

*The Father has called us to move in our God given ministry gifts, while flowing in the gifts of the Spirit that stem out of the fruits of the Spirit.

*We are His, bought with a price, cleansed by His blood, walking in His Spirit, as we share His gospel, and making disciples.